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Responsible HR Forum

May 2024 | New York City

2023 Keynote Speaker

Keith Sonderling
Vice Chair and Commissioner of the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

In his keynote address, Commissioner Sonderling discussed the increasing Responsible AI regulation, including an update on the NYC AI Audit Law as it enters the execution phase and what’s on the legislative horizon for enterprises and HR leaders implementing AI-based tech solutions.

We bring together the foremost thought leaders from the enterprise, government and academic sectors to answer the question: What is Responsible HR?

The Responsible HR Forum, hosted by, brings together CHROs, regulators, legal experts, analysts, academics, nonprofits and more to define Responsible HR.


Join us for invigorating discussions, shared ideas and key strategies as we prepare for this next wave in the future of work.

What you’ll gain:


Real-world, actionable insights on Responsible HR tools, tech and tactics that work today.


Opportunities to connect and share advice with other Responsible HR leaders just like you.


A chance to immerse yourself in learning to help you grow your skill set, evolve your Responsible HR approach and be ready for whatever the future of work holds.

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